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Just in case you didn’t know…

Just in case you didn’t know this blog has MOVED! I am self hosted and oh so happy! Come visit me at my new home over at Asleep Beneath The Flowers See you soon! 🙂 F.Y.I: This will be the last post. Advertisements

2010 was not that bad!

I learned so much this year. I had my ups and downs and even when I thought things could not get better, they did. I found my voice, my sanity and learned to love myself again. I was able to work at one of the best places in the world and leave with my dignity … Continue reading

How NOT To Get A Job After Graduation (via PRetty in Pittsburgh)

This is my first post. Interesting as I move forward into my career and life in my 20’s. Most of my friends who are in the same position as I am, will love this post. Check it out! Remember when I wrote the post "Cringeworthy Antics of Some Job Seekers?" Well, I took that rant … Continue reading

Mac Gurl…Life hopefully as a blogger!

So i’m supposed to honestly write about my life time and time again…I forget I have this damn thing! I recently decided that I’m not going to Law School…Boo Hooo…NOT. I want to be financially independent by the age of 30..I’m pushing it by saying 25 so i’ll saw 50% by 25 Goals: 1. I … Continue reading


So I’ve been looking at houses and contemplating on Law school…It’s on the yes list right now. I’m so excited because I’m embarking on my last Fall semester in my Undergrad career!!!! Kind of scared but I will live. So many things are happening and I have no idea how to document this…Follow along…


Sometimes I wonder whether I’ll ever figure out what I’m going to do in life. What am I going to do when I graduate… Or if I’ll find a mate. Just wanted to write something brief. Away to my thoughts.

My New Found Obsession…

So as most people go into the New Year with Resolutions of weight loss goals and trying to forget the things that happened just 6 days ago in the past year, I decided to follow suit. I’m not going to lie. I NEED to lose weight. No…Seriously. This is me..During my high school prom….interesting night … Continue reading